Old Coil

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> My coil is 78" tall, 15" in diameter, on an ABS plastic tube 
> (truss pipe without the cement, which is corregated(sp) very 
> thin plastic. It looks like (if you were looking at a cross 
> section it would be a circle in a circle 2" less in dia, and
> the 2 circles are joined with a continous wwwww. There is 1748
> turns of 18 guage magnet wire on it. I see that my h/w aspect 
> ratio is off (not 3:1). Question: should I cut the tube down to
> 2 pieces, 1 being 45", and work from there? It would then have
> the proper ~900 turns also. 

I would. Then load on a large homemade toroid on the top to get
your frequency back down.

> Another question: I had never sealed the ends of the tube, I am
> sure there is now dust in the wwwww part of the tube, any 
> sugestion on cleaning it? 

Compressed air.

> Is this coil scrap now? or is there still possibilities for it. 
Heavens no it is not scrap. If you play things right when cutting
the coil down you can get a pair of matched frequency secondaries
with a pretty decent Q factor. These open up lots of doors into
areas such as large 1/2 wave systems, wireless power transmission
experiments, etc..

> Should I be posting a message like this to, 
> tesla-at-grendel.objinc-dot-com or tesla-at-objinc-dot-com? slightly 
> confused.

As long as you are not seeing bounced messages then either
address is fine.

Richard Quick

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