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Quoting gcerny-at-ix-dot-netcom-dot-com (Glenn Cerny):

> If I widen the gaps any further they won't fire.  I think 
> that the big capacitor is holding down the little neon. 

Ooops! You are of course correct. The match between your power
supply and the capacitor is pretty far off. The cap is never
able to develop a real voltage peak across the dielectric
because it never fully charges.

Because the peak voltage in the capacitor is supressed, the spark
gaps will not open up. This is a good reason to keep a few 9kv
neons around: 90 ma -at- 9kv will match pretty well to these caps
with an input power only slightly over 800 VA. 9kv neons are very
helpful in testing new setups.

> My larger transformer should be able to push the cap and gaps 
> better.  For the initial testing I had the tank setup 
> configured with the cap in parallel with the neon.

I am waiting to hear from you in regards to these experiments.

Richard Quick

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