Old Coil

Hello Everyone,

    About 6 years ago I wound a coil based on my limited knowledge, which was
to be my 6th and largest coil. Work was interupted due to a divorce (very
messy, she even threatened to wreck the coil!) I had to hide it at a friends
(my version of the moving MX missle). Then I got remarried 2 years later
(please no jokes!). Then another delay, we moved. Now I am finally getting
back into the swing of things. After reading the stuff posted the last few
weeks I see some errors in my design, and would like your suggestions.
   My coil is 78" tall, 15" in diameter, on an ABS plastic tube (truss pipe
without the cement, which in corregated(sp) very thin plastic. It looks like
(if you were looking at a cross section it would be a circle in a circle 2"
less in dia, and the 2 circles are joined with a continous wwwww. There is
1748 turns of 18 guage magnet wire on it.
  I see that my h/w aspect ratio is off (not 3:1). Question: should I cut the
tube down to 2 pieces, 1 being 45", and work from there? It would then have
the proper ~900 turns also. Another question: I had never sealed the ends of
the tube, I am sure there is now dust in the wwwww part of the tube, any
sugestion on cleaning it? I am afraid that I might not get all the dust out.
Is this coil scrap now? or is there still possibilities for it. I am still
planning on a new large coil, but would still like to see some use out of all
the work put into the coil 6 years ago. Your comments would be greatly

                                                               Kevin M.

 Should I be posting a message like this to,tesla-at-grendel.objinc-dot-com
ortesla-at-objinc-dot-com? slightly confused.