Re: Sparks

If I widen the gaps any further they won't fire.  I think that the
big capacitor is holding down the little neon.  My larger transformer
should be able to push the cap and gaps better.  For the initial 
testing I had the tank setup configured with the cap in parallel with
the neon.


>>From chip Thu Feb  8 12:46 MST 1996
>Date: Thu, 8 Feb 1996 12:46:08 +0700
>From: chip (Chip Atkinson)
>To: tesla
>Subject: Re: Sparks
>Try adding a couple more tubes to your gap and try increasing the 
>between them.   I am running 6ga 7 stranded wire on my primary with 
>decent results.  The biggest increase in output for me came when I 
>up the gap.