Re: Neon pricing

>>My coil is now about 1' off the floor, but that only leaves 2.5' between the
>>top of the torroid and the bottom of the garage door(when open). I've stoped
>>mumbling, MORE POWER, around the house now and instead I wisper, more room:)
>>                        jim
>I have the same problem.  I outgrew the basement and my garage doesn't have
>enough ceiling height - so now all I can do is run it outside.  Not nearly so
>convenient.  Too bad we don't have enough money to build a separate building
>with about 15 foot ceilings and some heat for the winter.
>Ed Sonderman
Yea Verly,
        Who was it that wrote, I just finished my shop, 8' concrete block
walls, 4' metal on top of that, 22' celling height? Oh and about 200
acares(sp) in size. I've lived in several apartments that combined were
smaller than that!