Re: Bad Day -at- Coil Corral....

Glen said,

> I'm sure that my gaps are the problem at this point.  Getting 
>over 2' of occasional breakout tonight with the welding cable in the 
>tank circuit.  This is still with the current at minimum setting.  I 
>only have 15 amp fuses in my control disco box so max gross draw is 
>less than that.  That tip for the moveable secondary tap does pay off.
>Rumaged through one of my junk boxes and came up with a heavier spring
>to boot.  The rotary is not going to happen real soon.  I have to live
>with the static gaps for a while yet.  On a more personal note, I'm
>having a ball playing with this thing.....

Ed said,

>>  I think your gaps are not quenching.  
>>Ed Sonderman

Glen, I just build RQ's cylindrical gap set last night. With only 7.5KV -at-
60ma. 450watts I'm getting 18" to 24" air discharges. Tonight I connected a
90cfm blower to the gap to make it quench quicker. I didn't get any larger
sparks, but my relative rf power meter went up from 1.4 to 1.7 and the
sparks to a grounded ball are much more agressive.

Untill you can build a rotary gap, try an air blast gap.