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> On the secondary that I pplanning on winding...
> There is a recc. insulation thickness for the wire of .024" in
> order to handle 3Kv... I can only find Belden up to 
> 1000v...(unless i want to jump to their super pricey stuff.) If
> I place a dummy wire between windings, to space the windings 
> out, then remove it after the winding is done (thus doubling 
> coil length) will this be sufficient to prevent arcing? 

STOP!                :-)

Use standard magnet wire close wound. Don't worry about voltage
breakdowns between turns, dielectric strength of the magnet wire
insulation, etc.. Breakdown is prevented first and foremost by
proper toroid loading; top coated sealers may be used to further
increase the dielectric strength of the construction.

Formvar insulated wire purchased surplus works just fine. You can
gain a benefit from other magnet wire coatings, but the gain is
due to lower RF dissipation factors, not better dielectric

As Chip indicated: See the COILBLD.ZIP series I put together on
the construction of high performance Tesla resonators.

Richard Quick

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[ I sent him the four coil builder texts that RQ posted a while back.
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