Re:Secondary Insulation

Rob writes...

> There is a recc. insulation thickness for the wire of .024" in order to
> handle 3Kv... I can only find Belden up to 1000v...(unless i want to jump
> to their super pricey stuff.) If I place a dummy wire between windings, to
> space the windings out, then remove it after the winding is done (thus
> doubling coil length) will this be sufficient to prevent arcing?

Doubling the coil length is going to slash your inductance in half if
the number of turns remains the same. Why do you think you'll need
3kV worth of insulation on the wire (note - there are two thicknesses 
of insulation between each turn)? Most coils would be hard pressed to 
develop 1kV/turn even at multi-kW power levels.