Re: Tesla Design Programs

Hello all,
            I can sympathize with Chris re software pirating but there 
is actually no need to resort to that. Over the last year or two good 
_reliable_ formulae have been collectively arrived at and now exist 
both in archives and in the collections of individual list members. 
If a formula is needed for something, just ask and I'm sure you will 
receive, gratis :)  I can help with some and others on the list can 
help with others. I conducted a three month hunt for a reliable self-
capacitance formulae (and tried around a dozen formulae of different
kinds in an effort to reliably predict the resonant frequency of a 
winding) while researching my article. I have written a program based 
on the one that never failed (Medhurst) and am willing to post it to 
anybody who requests it - no charge.