Re: Capacitors again

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 	C&H is another supply house that has the exact caps you've
 called for. I don't have there phone number with me (maybe somebody
 else has it). But if I remember correctly these litle 40KVDC jewels
 cost on the order of $30 or more each.
 My three cents.
 D. Gowin

Thanks, I did find them in the catalog.  It doesn't look too promising.  The
largest value is 1000 pf.  I need about .005 mfd so I would need 5 of them in
parallel - at $30.00 each!  And then all I would have is a 30 kv dc rated
cap.  I would probably need to put two in series to get a suitable AC voltage
rating which means I would need ten of them!!

Thanks for the info.  Ed Sonderman