Re: Classic coil

I am unfamiliar with the specifies of that leacture, could you please


<< This coil has 2 primaries with 96 turns in each, and two
 > secondaries with 260 turns in each. >>

Do you mean that the "two" primaries and secondaries were wound on top of
each other, and then connected in series (a novel idea, but that would mean
that the top of the inner coil would have to run back down the winding to
form the base ((starting poin))t of the outer layer) or do you mean that the
coil was made by putting the equivalent of two standard TC systems "back to
back" to make up the "bipolar" coil?

<<Each of the  terminals of the coil
> is connected to a circle>>

Do you mean a "ring" of metal with a hollow interior or a Solid flat circular

Thanks for the clarification.

P.S. By the way, how could I get a copy of his specifiecation/lecture?