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On Mon, 2 Dec 1996, Tesla List wrote:

> > From: "Jorge F." <al263636-at-academ02.sal.itesm.mx>
> > 
> >         Anyone outhere have any good plans for a 1000 watt Tesla Coil,
> >         this is my first very high voltage project ( my other T.C. didnt even
> >         go to the 300 w range )and I would like to get first a reference
> >         point to build mine around !
> >         Jorge Fuentes
> Jorge,
> 	Brent Turner, Richard Hull and others have written some
> good books on the subject. I suggest that you direct your attention
> to one of these authors and buy a book. It'll be $30 well spent.
> Tesla coiler at large.
> D. Gowin

Interesting that everyone just suggests buying a book.. Why should one
spend money on a book while the same money could be spent for equipment? I
mean here a book for building a coil - not a reference book which would
give one information about the history etc.. For that 30usd I just
acquired a 3-phase 11kW variac, 1-phase 200W variac and some HV
parts from an old SEM.. 

Now, to get back to the original question. Jorge, get all the maillist
archive files from nic.funet.fi :
and carefully read through the files. You WILL find all the information
you need. At the same time look at files found at
and you WILL find the information for free. Not only is the information
free but it will be a LOT better (read, MODERN and more efficient)
than in any of the "books". You can actually see the systems mentioned
in the files at subdirectories of
so you see that they are REAL and perform as mentioned. For that
1kW you should get about 1 meter of spark length easily.

I hope this helps,

  Kristian Ukkonen.

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