Re: Car spark coil and TC

>>>> But is it possible to take 240V AC from wall socket and connect it to
>>>> spark coil and have looooong sparks?

>>> Oh yea. But you will probably get the *wrong* kind of sparks, and
>>> the spark coil will instantly decide to quit working forever. ;-)

>>  What do you mean by *wrong* kind of sparks?
>>  And I will connect a light dimmer between wall socket and ignition 
>>  coil. 

> That coil may very well blow like a small M26-A1 grenade. A sealed can of oil
>  with a coil in it coupled to a savage 240 line is probably going to be like
> that potassium metal chunk in the can of water as I ran by trick of my bygone
> days. I strongly advise against it!   

Nice firework for New Year :=).