Re: Heat from pig resistance.

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> Date: Wed, 27 Nov 96 17:21:37 CST
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> Subject: Heat from pig resistance.
>  I have found that for my system I require about .3-.5 ohms of resistance
>  and about 3mh of inducatnce. These should be placed in series with the
>  low voltage side of the pole pig and the power source.  I can vary both
>  values to allow for new capaciotr loading in the tank and or replacement
>  transformers.
> Coilers; I've been reading alot lately about oven/dryer heating elements
> being used for resistance in the above manner. But what about the level
> of heat dissapated by these things during use? When connected in series
> with the 240 volt winding of a pig a 5 KW heating element will probably
> generate 2.5 KW, (50%), but that's still alot of heat. How do you
> actually install these things; What precautions; Cooling fans?
> Thanks, Daniel.


I use two giant high speed blowers.  About 1000CFM total, to blow across 
the resistive ballasts.  Keeps the lab toasty in winter and insufferable 
in the summer.

Richard Hull, TCBOR