Re: TC Electrostatics

Hi Richard,

> The variac was adjusted (~60 vac) for 90 ma meter reading.  The spark
> discharge appeared the same as with no meter in series.  Forward
> conducting, reverse conducting and back to back blocking diodes were
> placed in series with the meter and TC.  The spark discharge appeared
> unchanged and meter currents were 80 - 90ma.  The diodes were checked
> with DC and appeared good afterwards.

My first thought on reading this is that at the frequency you are 
running (fairly high), the junction capacitance of the diodes is
possibly not insignificant. There may also have been some form of non-
permanent breakdown. Such things can occur. I have seen similar 
things in transistors in servicing. Did you recheck the diodes near 
their rated voltage? The same output indicates to me that there was 
little or no blocking of RF current. Consider how seriously a coil 
detunes if it is denied some form of ground or counterpoise. There is 
little doubt in my mind that while electrostatic phenomena are around
coils under certain circumstances, the prime mover is AC.
    Greg, I wouldn't expect any change from reversing primary coil 
connections. If there is, we've got a live one I'd say (won't 
speculate further till results are in).