Re: The manufacture of capacitors

Hi Ed,
        I presume 30kV is the peak rating?

> Re: Oil dielectric capacitors
>     Why not go the whole way and eliminate the solid dielectric
> material between the plates?  I have an article in an old (circa
> 1921) QST describing an 0.01 mfd, 30 kV capacitor using only oil
> as the dielectric.  Quite a construction job  to get the plates
> flat enough to avoid excessive average spacing, but genuinelyh
> genuinely indestructable!!!!!!  By the way, this one worked at
> the "special" wavelength of 350 meters, or about 857 kHz, so the
> inductance must have been pretty small.

What is the spacing between plates, and how many and what size for 
that capacitance?