Re: Tesla Design Programs

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<< I have been doing repeated calculations on a new small coil - the long
 by hand and wondered what tesla coil calculation programs are out there.  I
 have a program called "The Tesla Coil Designer" by Walt Noon dated 192/1993.
  It is quite inflexible in that it only approaches the problem from let's
 design a complete system.  It would be handy to be able to work with any
 single component - like just the secondary.
 I checked the ftp site and downloaded what I thought was Teslacalc but just
 got a file that tells me how to build a begineers type coil.  What else is
 out there?
 Thanks,  Ed Sonderman
By the way, I spent most of yesterday building an Excel spreadsheet for doing
the math.  You input the parameters for the secondary first.  It caclulates
the self resonant frequency unloaded and loaded (you specify the toroid
capacitance).  Then input your primary parameters and it will calculate its
inductance, length of wire, etc.  Then it will calculate the tank capacitor
needed to resonate at 80% of the primary inductance (allowing room for

As many times as I have gone through this by hand, I should have done this
long before.

Ed Sonderman