Re: Anyone have TC data base?

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> Subject: Anyone have TC data base?
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> Hi Group,
> Does anyone have a collection of data from the postings to this list or
> other sources?
> I would be very curious to see/have a spread sheet or data base with the
> accomplishments of each coiler.
> Some general stuff like this...
> Pri  Dia  Turns  Gauge  Cap  Sec  Dia  Turns  Gauge  Cap  Supply  Volt
> Curr  Spark Length
> spiral 12" 12T   #6    5.6nF 8.2mH 2-3/8" ~960 #28 12"toroid  neon 15KV
> 30mA  ~18"
> Thanks
> Dave Huffman

No, but im glad to see something to which I might be able to contribute,
Im a terrible novice at coiling, but database management and
spreadsheets are my specialty. If anyone is interested in creating such
a repository, (if one does not already exsist) I would be glad to help
or coordinate.