Re: Colorado coiler teslathon( RF coils )

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>Interesting you should ask .. a few years ago I tried building what 
>you would
>call a bi-polar coil that I planed to run at 4mhz. the output of the 
>went to an ozone generating cell, my idea was to see if raising the 
>of an ozone generator to the RF range wouls increase the efficiency of 
>unit ( electric ozone generators usually run around 8-10% efficient). 
>output of my Kenwood TS-530s was feed into a Dentron Jr antenna tuner 
>to get
>a balanced output for the TC primary ... to make a long story short, 
>the end
>result was that I was never able to get the tuner to handle the 
>impedance of
>the TC primary ...when I tuned it to resonance, the tuner would start 
>inside.. I should have set up the primary to a better match .. but It 
>was one
>of those projects that never got completed ... I think if you set up a 
>TC to
>operate at RF frequencies you will get a corona rather than long 
>sparks ..
>much different effects .. you also need to worry about QRM effects 
>..even a
>good Faraday cage will leak and if it leaked too much, the FCC my ask 
>you are doing!! ..but it is an area of coiling that needs to be looked 
>at ..
>I don't know of anyone who has done much work with coils at RF 
>....... Al Syme (KG0QJ)

  Al, You should have eliminated the primary and tied the
tuner output right to the secondary coil, the primary coil Z was too low
for the tuner to match and also most
likely looked totally reactive in nature.

                          Mark Graalman WB8JKR