Re: TC Electrostatics

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> << These TCs emit an explosive scalar wave.  They are also
>  scalar translators and these scalar waves are immediately reconverted
>  back to EM. >>
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> What, exactly are "scalar waves"?
> I often see references to these mysterious waves mentioned in the "fringe"
> literature but have never come across a definition of any kind.  The closest
> thing that I can find in the regular literature is that of a "scalar field"
> but even that definition is circular and not informative.  Am I correct in
> assuming that a "scalar" anything is a thing which has Magnitude but no
> Direction?  And what does this look like in a wave or a field?
> Thanks!
> -DavidF-


The fringe freaks use the "scalar wave"  as a form of instant"Teslarian 
nirvana".  The hard liners don't want to discuss it due to the 
aforementioned fringe crowd's rabidity.  There is little betwixt and 
between.  Most definitions are circualr because its all a mystery, still.

There is some serious research work going on, but it is hard to break out 
of educational molds or preconceived notions.  This is as much of a 
"non-answer" as I can give, but sets the stage for understanding why the 
subject is a real hot potato one way of the other.

Richard Hull, TCBOR