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> Date: Tue, 3 Dec 1996 19:15:09 cst
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> Subject: big coil
> I have a possible jewel in storage that had completely slipped my mind.
> I have a X-ray machine in storage.  If I remember correctly, it's
> capable of putting out 10kvac-100kvac (in 10kvac steps) at 0-100ma.  It
> had been in storage about 6-years, but was in operating condition at the
> time though it was very old.  With a little cleaning up and maybe some
> wiring replace in the control unit, this could be an incredible power
> supply.  What is the maximum driving voltage that can be used in Tesla
> coil primaries and still be practical?  Any other suggestions for
> possible uses?  (I can't stand to just let it set!)
> Kerry "Kilroy" Ludwig
> Kilroy1-at-juno-dot-com


Corona and the capacitor voltage breakdown limits the primary voltages on 
Tesla coils.

I have found that about 24KV is the limit in normal air, but a 34.5KV 
maggey system is planned in the future.  These voltages are not for 
homemade caps or the casual coiler.

Richard Hull, TCBOR