Re: Poly Caps

On Sat, 7 Dec 1996 00:25:05 -0700 Tesla List- Mike Hammer
<mhammer-at-midwest-dot-net> wrote:

>I made 6 separate caps with 6 X 6 plates of heavy duty aluminum >foil.
Each cap had 24 plates. Dielectric was 2 layers of 4 mil >poly. The 6
individual units were wired in series to achieved a >higher voltage
rating. It sets in a homemade tank made from >plywood with a plexiglass
inner liner. Took a little over 1.25 >gallons of oil. The final
capacitance was a little over .008 mfd.
>So far it has performed well on my coil at a little over 1.5 KVA.
>Power is 12kv neons.

Mike, you cap looks a lot like mine only your using thinner polyethylene!

>I planning a bit more ambitious cap for a winter project.
>I would like to do a .0125 mfd cap with a 30 KVAC rating.

I remember an article in a back issue of Popular Electronics that was on
building HV caps for TC's it used PVC pipe for the tank
looked like a good design, I'll see if I can find the issue.

>Lots of work but I have more time than money.

Hay, don't we all!! Besides even if we could afford to just buy
everything there would be no fun and no learning! 

                              Alfred A. Skrocki