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>Welp.. let me tell you the story... I advertised a design program.. a 
>long time ago.. two actually.. and sent them to users that paid for 
>it.. after awhile... I started seeing the copies floating around.. 
>here and there.. on BBS's.. and you know what? Alot of people used it 
>that I never saw a dime for.. Not that I was concerned with the money 
>mind you.. but there was a principle to the thing... 
>I had expected the scientific community to be a little better 
>"behaved" and send what was due if they used it.. Well.. they 
>didn't... and frankly.. they acted just like everyone else.. took the 
>program and used it.. and then never paid for it.. someones hard work.. 
>stolen.. because.. that is exactly what it is.. stolen...
>And as such.. My company will not endevour to write anymore such 
>programs... sooo.. If anyone is to blame that there is no software 
>that is current and powerful.. You know where the buck stops...
>Chris Singletary
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Chris -

I can sympathize with you as I have had a similar experience with my JHCTES
Tesla coil computer program. However, I have found that the solution to this
problem is to keep improving the program and producing new versions. The
latest version is the JHCTES Ver 2.3 and sells for only $15.00 plus postage.
A TC Notebook is available which lists all of the parameters and how they
are calculated plus other information. The two cost $29.95 plus postage.
Tesla List members get a 20% discount.

The new program now does something that, to my knowledge, no other program
can do. It can coordinate 46 Tesla coil parameters so they are always in
tune when "what if" changes are made in the design. This is a design feature
that cannot be done with a spreadshet. I also show how the program can be
coordinated to agree with actual tests of your coil, also something other
programs do not do.

I have information on how part of the program works and that part can be
done on a spreadsheet. The automatic tuning and several parameters are not
involved. I will send this information free to anyone who will send me a

John H. Couture
10823 New Salem Point 
San Diego, CA 92126