tungsten carbide

Hello All

I've been distracted by even more interesting activities recently, so I 
am replying to a couple of people and everyone in general.

Firstly, thanks to everyone who helped me with info on tungsten carbide. 
The prices in England are such that I can get some sintered rods to my 
own spec for GBP3.22 each (5mm diam x 10mm long) which works out 20 to 
30 % cheaper than tungsten metal or alloy. I think they will work just 
as well. I note the comments about heatsinking and forced air cooling.

On another subject: Al is 1.64 times more resistive than Cu. It is 
easier to solder as well, so does anyone think it would be worth looking 
into getting some copper flashing for making home made capacitors? It 
can only improve the Q of them (reactance:resistance must be 1.64 times 
better). It occurs to me that once the primary coil has been optimised 
and the spark gap is as good as it gets, then the cap ought to be 
improved. At the moment we know that the gap is the most lossy 
component, in spite of the excellent improvements carried out by a lot 
of people. If anyone has any comments on this I would be interested to 
hear them. There is also the possibility of Ag plating on the primary 
coil (and the cap plates if they're Cu). This is nothing new but I 
thought it should be mentioned.

Richard Craven