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<< > Thanks,  Ed Sonderman
 > Ed, I did some off the cuff calcs on your numbers.
 >         Unloaded Resonate Frequency     908 khz
 >         Unloaded Q                      93.67
 >         Loaded Q should be              41.63
 >         Inductance                      7.034 millihenry
 >         Isn't your inductance a bit to low for this size
 > of coil?
 > D. Gowin


Thanks for your help.  I did mean khz - not mhz.  I calculate 493 turns using
#28 wire wound on a 3.0" dia bottle, 7.0" winding length.  I assumed 97% x
72.7 turns per inch and then used 70.5 turns per inch in the equation.  Using
Wheelers Equation, I get 6.5 mh and unloaded frequency of 974 khz and 654 khz
with toroid.

You asked if the inductance wasn't a bit low?  Can you expound on this?  If
you are going to use a wine bottle, that's what you get - unless I drop down
in wire size to something like # 32 which should raise the inductance by
about 50%

Ed Sonderman