Re: TC Electrostatics

>If I attempt to wipe the outer
>surface clean, some of this charge transfers to me, and if I don't make
>sure that I was grounded, my entire body picks up a significant charge.
>Once I make contact with the toroid, baselead ground, or the grounded
>strikerail... big ZAP!
>I've gotten to the point where I normally hold one hand on the
>strikerail, and do all my cleaning with a rag held in the other hand.
>This still causes snaps and crackles as I clean the coil, but at least I
>don't get the big jolts to ground anymore. However, moving the coil
>usually results in getting zapped a little bit no matter how I do it.

Hi Bert,

Yeah I get zapped all the time too.  The shed where I fire my coil is quite
small, and I think I pick up a decent charge just being in there for a
while.  It's really amazing how much static electricity these disruptive
coils can crank out.

>Anyways... Safe, and sometimes zapped, coilin' to ya!
>-- Bert --

Sometimes zapped coiling to you as well!  After all, we've gotta get zapped
sometimes.  It's part of the hobby! :)

Charles Brush