Re: TC Electrostatics

On Sun, 8 Dec 1996, Tesla List wrote:

> Richard (Hull and Wall);
> Now you've really got my curiosity aroused! What is a scalar wave? Is
> there any scientific (i.e., repeatable, measurable, whatever-able)
> evidence for their existance?  Are there any experiments that average
> coilers could perform that involve scalar waves? Or, should discussion
> of them be continue to be banished to the "other" list? 
Take it to the freenrg list run by Bill Beaty or to USA-TESLA, not here.
Stuff like scalar waves/free energy/starved chikens in a triangle have
this way of vomiting out...  There are other lists for that stuff, this is
Tesla coils only and should be kept directly upon theories based in
reality.  TTYL!

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