No Power

Chip,  I know this is off topic - but I am looking for some parts.

Does anyone know where I can get a four pole double throw switch with
contacts that will handle 20 or 30 amps at 120 volts AC?  I would also
consider two DPDT switches.  We continue to experience power outages due to
ice storms and heavy snow.  I have a generator that I wire in to keep the
pellet stove, refrigerator and TV running but I am doing it by disconnecting
the circuits at the breakers and using wire nuts to connect everything
together.  I thought about wiring in two DPDT relays that I found in the
Mouser catalog so when I plugged in the generator it would activate the
relays and power up the isolated circuits - but I would rather just have some
old fashioned switches if they are available.

Someone told me that what I really want is a transfer panel but they are

Thanks,  Ed Sonderman

[ NOTE: I am posting this as a favor to Ed.  Please reply directly to him.
  -- Chip]