Re: Heat from pig resistance.

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 Coilers; I've been reading alot lately about oven/dryer heating elements
 being used for resistance in the above manner. But what about the level
 of heat dissapated by these things during use? When connected in series
 with the 240 volt winding of a pig a 5 KW heating element will probably
 generate 2.5 KW, (50%), but that's still alot of heat. How do you
 actually install these things; What precautions; Cooling fans?
 Thanks, Daniel.


I have six of the 2000 watt oven elements that I can use some or all in
parallel.  Since they are insulated, you can mount directly to the element.
 I have them in a stack with 1/2" angle iron pieces between each element and
all wired together to hold it tight.  They just sit on the cement floor next
to the welder.  They do get hot but not enough to need special cooling.

Ed Sonderman