Re: The manufacture of capacitors

Re: "OIL capacitors"
	You raise some good points about volumetric efficiency,
particularly if you use oil with an eta of around 2.2 to 2.5.
PCB's run 4.5, but are no longer available and politicallyh
incorrect.  My handbook gives 300 volts per mil for typical
transformer oil breakdown (30 kV at 0.1", to be explicit).
As far as electrostatic forces, these should equalize except
for the two outer plates, as I see it.
	Steel should work fine, but you'd have to find someone
with a big shear to cut it neatly, as flatness would be a
real necessity.
	Hadn't thought of using castor oil, but that is an
interesting idea.  Certainly used to be used in HV capacitors
during the 30's, at least .  I b elieve it is fairly hygroscopic,
which might be a problem if you didn't seal the thing.
	Perhaps someone will have the ambition to give it a
try.......  There are some fantastically ambitious projects
discussed here.
	One last comment.  I have a 1950 Cenco catalog, which
offers a Tesla coil with oil-filled capacitor.  Will have to
dig that out and see what the dimensions, capacitance, and
voltage ratings were.