Re: The manufacture of capacitors

"So considering the low capacitance and low breakdown voltage it was apparent
a workable cap of this design would be quite large.

8mils of poly inside the same plates  gave nearly the same voltage
rating with much higher capacitance due to closer allowable spacing
between the plates.

The only advantages I could see doing this is total elimination of air
and the cap would be self healing in event of a breakdown. Perhaps it
would be better with a premium grade of oil or transformer oil."

	Agree with all points, particularly the first.  It's muich
much easier to talk about things than to do them.  Still want to
give it a try sometime, but am not really sanguine about sensational
results.  As far as self healing goes, I had always figured it
might be necessary to clean the thing out and filter the oil 
after an "event", something that could be really messy if it happend