Re: 3/4 wavelength error

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>  Depending on the drive transformer which I happen to be using, I have been
> most
>  successful in using a cap that is matched to the transformer using the
> classical
>  formula. When using a 15kv 120 ma unit, I use a .021 mfd. My best input
> power to
>  discharge ratio has been when using a 720 va transformer which produces 48"
> discharges.
>  I cannot figure out why I have been unable substantially increase the
> discharges when
>  going to higher power.
>  Skip >>
> Skip,
> Using 12,000 volts at 120 ma (about twice your power) I had about 50"
> discharges.  Now using a 5kva pole pig I can only get 80" discharges, even
> with the pig cranked up to 7 or 8 kva.  I think it is a function of the
> physical properties of the coil.  With a particular coil geometry, I think as
> you steadily increase input power, you finally reach a point of diminishing
> returns where more power in provides little increase in secondary discharges.
> I think if I went from the present 6.0" dia secondary up to 8.0" or 10.0", at
> the same power level, I would see a large increase in discharge length.
> Ed Sonderman

Another thing to consider is how hot the output spark is....it's one
thing to have a 48" spark 'wimpy' spark. It's yet another to have a
48" spark that's as big around as your little finger....!!!! Granted,
throwing more oomph into a max'd out coil won't buy you much in spark
length, but that spark is sure gonna sizzle!

- Brent