Re: Big tc article

>        I would like to re-submit this post. I have built several coils and
>I have read several books on coil construction,and I have several of the
>TCBOR video tapes. I am aware of what the basic problems are with this coil
>and what parts I will change, (shorten secondary and change gap and
>torroid).My question is can any one suggest how I could build it with a
>plate cap used dry so as to make it "look" somewhat like the original.
>Thanks for all of the replies.


    My early experieces with 'Big TC' proved that the original glass plate
caps work, but are somewhat prone to loss.  However, the coronal
discharges around the edge of the glass are beautifull!  You need to
use at least two layers of glass to get the primary side to ring properly.
With the 9kv transformer you are intending to use, the caps should
survive with no problems.  > 12kv seems to kill 'em quick though...
I have broken several of these caps with my static gap open too wide, so
keep plenty of epoxy and extra sheets of glass handy.  I used an epoxy 
that was somewhat easy to remove so I could salvage the sheet metal
plates every time I had a failure.  My 'Big TC' performed SO horrible
when I first constructed it that the cap was the ONLY cool feature about
it!! So give it a try.... but definitely modify everything you listed above!