Re: Teslas wireless power

At 04:25 PM 7/28/96 -0600, you wrote:

>>For a long time, the Shumann Cavity Resonances were touted as Tesla's 
>>method, but the Corums recent work now looks like this is out and true 
>>ground transmission might be the method.  I must reference their talk at 
>>the 1996 ITS  conference.

Original 'Artist's Renditions' (commissioned by Tesla?) of the Magnifying
Transmitter show the top electrode covered in a Brush Discharge. A Brush
Discharge is indicative of an Ion Acoustic Plasma. Ion Acoustic Plasma
suggests a Zero Point Energy phenomenon. Now that the Corums confirm that
the Shuman Resonance was not the target frequency for the extra coil, I'd
bet double on a ZPE - Ion Acoustic Frequency interaction with said top

>>> On a small scale, a Tesla coil demonstration of wireless power is
>>> educational, fun and relatively harmless.  On a larger scale it could be
>>> disruptive to commerce and industry.  If you ever set up a wireless power
>>> transmitting station like Wardencliffe as proposed by Tesla, I will
>>> come and kick your ass!

This is a really upsetting statement.

>>Tesla never finished his station.... I don't think we need worry about 
>>one of us crankin' one up again.  Whose got the know how, much less the 

Your right; people will probably figure out how to do a ZPE conversion and
use the power directly without necessarily sharing it.

Dennis C. Lee