Radius of curvature and misc ramblings

Hello all,

 Well, I'v been messing around with toroids and just recently built a 6"
x 20" one. That's the first 6" one I'v used. All my others are 4"
diameter alluminum dryer duct, ranging from 12" to 22". So, after seting
up the 6" x 20" playing with tune, placing my 4" x 22" and my 4" x 16"
toroids all on top of the six incher (starting to look almost as weird
as TCBOR's Alex Tajnsek's coil as depicted in R. Hull's Guide to the
notes in photo #15) after finding the best tune I was getting over 52
inch discharge, now thats 12 inches over what I was preveously getting.
Thats about 2.5 times my resonators winding length of 20.5" x 4.5". My
tank resonance is about 224 kHz, and being powered by a 
15 kV -at- 120 mA neon. Now that 52 inches was comming off of a small wire
I taped on the bottom toroid, so as to keep the thing from discharging
threw the cealing of my basement (my girl friend got a small shock while
walking across the floor overhead, not going to let that happen again!).
 Now, this is what I really like about resonators, even my setup which
really isn't that great of a design, as it was originaly designed for a
240 watt system (only a 6.5 inch diameter driver) can really be pushed
by loading the terminal capicitance, they are just so much more flexible
than the standard two coil setup! 
 So, now I am wondering if there is such a thing as 8" diameter
alluminum dryer duct?

David Trimmell <dwt-at-efn-dot-org>