Re: Tesla Coil Mailing List

At 12:00 AM 8/18/96, Tesla List wrote:
a Coil Mailing List
>  I would like to be part of your Tesla Coil newsletter mailing list. I
>have been building and designing Tesla coils for over 6 years and
>am also a computer programmer (I have written a CAD program for their
>Chris Singletary
>President - Lightning Software
>Believe that you CAN accomplish the impossible and you shall.

I was wondering...in all my searches, I have never been able to find a CAD
program for tesla coils for the Mac.   I have limited programming
experience..I have written a few short programs on a compiler for Mac.
called Future Basic..nothing to fancy..but pretty functional....I am
looking for someone that would be interested in having a Mac version of
their program developed.
If interested please respond.

Robert Del Bueno