Works for me

          Hi Everyone.......

          I have built my second coil,6"x28",120ma.,w/24"x5" torroid.
          I kept getting repeated strikes to my safety rail,which is
          only about 24" away from the edge of the torroid. I made up
          five little sheet metal "pointy" things, with a little bend
          at the bottom. They're about .5in x .5in. I taped them down
          to the very outside of the torroid with alum tape. They are
          about 5 in. apart. Now, the bolts are going out and down,
          even going around the strike rail to hit the cement. So, I'm
          getting longer discharges(4.5ft), and the bolts are going to
          many different targets. Try it out! Also,I now protect my
          lead wires to the primary, by routing them through some PVC
          tubing. The strikes were hitting these wires.Not good.
          Hope this helps,as now I am a beginner helping others!

                       Tom Renko  (The Amp Man)