Re: Primary Tune Found

>From: Chuck Curran <ccurran-at-execpc-dot-com>
	Great job!

>	I'm running just the welder in series with my pole pig for current
>limiting, with no oven elements currently included.  Today I hope to
>re-read some of my saved postings on the advantages realized when using
>the oven elements in parallel with the welder.
Be careful using an inductor (welder) without a damping resistor in
parallel. I've blown 2 electronics based controllers in my house, just
running a ballast/gap test with my pig. The undampened ballast
inductor can put ~700V into the house wiring. I did have 2 RFI filters
and 1 35uF cap in the power feed. I also used a separate ground for
the pig. I still took out the motion sensor light on my porch; 30'
away and the timer for my water fountain; 20' away.

>	One interesting item that I noticed last night.  I am using RG-213 for
>my high voltage leads from the pig to the spark gap.  At the spark gap I
>have taken the grounding braid or outer conductor from both leads and
>soldered both to a 1 1/2" braided copper ground strap.  This strap is
>then connected directly to my system ground and is about 8' long.  The
>RG-213 is 30' long and is then connected to my filter board at the pole
>pig.  O.K., what I did was strip back and had about 12" of the coax
>ground braid laying out from each high voltage lead and the two ground
>braids were laying against each other, but not connected to anything.  I
>figured since the other end was clearly tied to ground, why do it
You just learned that a wire is not JUST a wire at these power and
frequency levels.

>  The majority of the 12" was laying on the driveway.  These two
>ground leads were arcing, one to the other, with about a 1/2" diameter
>ball of blue light.  No noise was heard and no damage detected, but it
>was a surprise.  
Concrete is a conductor at this voltage. I "discovered" this when a
wire to my 15kV neon came loose, little fuzz balls to the concrete;)
I'm glad I was not incircuit!

Keep up the good work and keep the posts comming.