Re: secondary coil insulation

. I was thinking about useing epoxy resin as
> a coating. Am I barking up the wrong tree?
>  I suggest a product that you can find in the paint and varnish section
>  of your hardware store.  It's Behr Super Gloss Build 50, which is a two
>  part water clear coating.  It smells like epoxy as I recall,

One coating I would not recommend is marine tex (which is very 
expensive).  I used it for my first coil and it dried pretty fast 
which made the surface kind of unique...  It also had a small 
stainless steel bowl mounted upside down on the top as the electrode.

My boss found out that I had built it, and since we were doing a trade 
show for a new power IC fab process combining bipolar and TMOS but had 
no real products yet, he ordered me to bring the TC so that we could 
at least cause alot of noise and get some attention.

The TC was the hit of the show, but I will never forget the comments 
of two women that walked by.  They were talking very loud and I 
overheard them say "Look at that phallic thing!!"  It had never 
occurred to me but it did look just like the real thing.  Was kind of 
embarrassed yet somewhat satisfied in all the hoopla.

Also, the operation of the TC caused a rival computer company's  
flagship machine to constantly crash and need a 15min reboot, much to 
the delight of my boss.  We kept saying:  "well if you didn't build 
such cheapo computers..."

Also, I remember that marine tex made a mechanically indestructable 
layer, as you could hit it with a hammer, and it wouldn't even dent.