Re: Tesla Photo Anomaly: Promised Update

Tesla List wrote:
> Ah HA! *laugh* I have always maintained that the man in the photo was *not*
> Tesla! Ask anyone I ever talked to about it. <grin> Seriously though, I had
> my wife (now ex) sculpt me a Tesla-head, and I was going to cast it in
> bronze, and use it as the discharge terminal of a small, poorly-designed
> coil ;) I gave her several pictures of Tesla to go by, including the one we
> speak of here. I told her that I wasn't sure if that was really Tesla in the
> picture, but hey, whatever works...
> Anyway, after she was done, she came and asked me if Tesla had ever been in
> accident, because this guy's bone structure was different from the Tesla in
> all the other pictures. That clinched it for me. Call me paranoid, but I
> don't think that's Tesla. :)
> cya!
> Dan
> P.S. A visiting artist, showing my ex all her "errors", literally destroyed
> the Tesla model, and my wife never made another one. :(  And people think
> that scientists have egos? *laugh*


I, too, have always known that the man was definitely not Tesla!  But, I 
could never convince others.  I eventually just gave up and let others 
have their little fantasies.  The facial structure is all wrong.  The 
fellow is much closer in apperance to Adolf Hitler! (who it is not!).

Richard Hull, TCBOR