Re: New to the group

Tesla list wrote:

>Check out "http://www.lightwriters-dot-com/nw/" Lightwriters neonware
>has an online catalog. They want $53.80 plus $10 for shipping
>and handling for a 15 KV 30 Ma, Transco Poly-Lok. They accept
>credit cards and ship same day. They have all kinds of transformers
>including those 15 KV 120 Ma kind. They also have 24 KV bombarder
>transformers that have hugh current ratings, but they want $2,000
>for one of these.

>For my coil, I thought a bank of these would be expensive, thats
>why I bought a pole pig. Maybe I should count my blessings.


Beware of low priced neon sign 'transformers'.  Make sure you are 
not being quoted on one of the newfangled hi-frequency switching 
type supplies that are starting to replace real 60 Hz iron transformers in 
sign service.  I haven't had a chance to play with one of these 
hi-freq supplies yet, but would like to do so to evaluate their 
potential (great pun) for exciting a plasma display.

If not sure check the shipping weight, the solid state packs don't 
weigh 30+ pounds.

Regards, rwstephens