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> Date: Mon, 12 Aug 96 11:18:34 BST
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> Subject: Re: New to the group / ion cloud
> Thank you Richard for your reply, but I don't understand the ion cloud part.
> I was not aware that there was an ion cloud.  I can understand that there
> will be an ion cloud around a discharge terminal for DC, but why is there
> one for AC.   A gas molicule will be ionized, only to be de-ionized by the
> opposite half for the AC cycle before the molicule has a chance to move away
> from the terminal.
> Perhaps I have answered my own question here.  As frequency increases the
> ion cloud shrinks and becomes more consentrated and is visable as crona.
> Again correct me if i'm wrong.
> Julian Green
> Julian,

An ion cloud will always exist around any electrically discharging 
device.  You missed a lot of discussion regarding this over the past 
months prior to your arrival.  Your attempt at reconciling the cloud with 
theoretical concerns is laudable, but the facts, based on real 
experiment, show the ion output of the Tesla system to be real.  As a 
matter of fact, the long sparks are partially due to this phenomenon!

Richard Hull