Re: Addendum-DC Tesla

Hi Mark,

>         Perhaps you could set up a single shot experiment with a large 
> toroid to control breakout, and see if there is some consistancy in 
> polarity.  If there is some evidence of polarity, perhaps rectification is 
> occurring.
>         In a thunderstorm generated lightning bolt, the current normally 
> undergoes a number of reversals (A.C.?), once a hot plasma channel is 
> created, even though the initial pulse is essentially D.C., brought on by 
> building electrostatic charges.  It seems that this is the likely mechanism.

I'll try and remember to give this a shot this weekend. I'll use an 
isolated sphere as collector and try shotting in both directions. I
suspect a point on the isolated object would leave it positively 
charged (electron emission).