Re: Safety FAQ is here -- draft, asking for comments.

Hi Robert,
          Thanks for the thoughts on this.

> I merely wish to say that I think more research is needed here 
> before we can really understand what is happening around the top end.
> As for your laudable attempt to create a performance category by merely
> observing the discharge, this may not be so easy as first imagined.  
> Standardization system or not however, I'm sure no one would object 
> to having their system performance classed as #1! ;-)

I think I'll can the categorization attempt. After seeing the 
pictures in the Notes Guide, the operation does look fairly standard.
My largest coil also exhibits attached streamers for a second or two 
before losing interest and looking for another target. The discharges
in the connected channel are definitely oscillatory and sinking 
secondary power in a big way (critical coupling imposed).
    Perhaps my imagination went West. I'd sort of imagined a bit of
corona at the top with bolts _suddenly_ roaring out for miles and 
attaching to a convenient object.