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> Hi all,
> This is mainly directed to R. Hull but also to anyone who can help.
> Richard,
> I eagerly opened my mail yesterday and at long last my order from lindsay
> publications arrived. (about 3 months wait) I have now got your guide to
> the CSL notes. Nicely presented and good work! I was just wondering how
> you took those impressive photos at the back of the book. (film type,
> exposure time, etc.) Richard Quick uses 1 sec and 400 ASA film in
> completely dark conditions. Once again, nice work and very helpful.
> Thanks
> Greg.
> P.S. The 3 months wait was because I live in Australia.
> That magnifier with the 2.25" by 12" extra coil is absolutely amazing!


I despise color film and therefore I can't help you much there.  I do my 
own development work too.  I use only one film the old B&W Plus X pan by 
kodak. (ASA 125)  I shoot it at 100.  I understand the new T-Max film is 
good but haven't tried it yet.

I have about 30 diffeent cameras, but prefer my old 35mm Nikon Photomic 
FTN camera due to it having nothing electronic in it.  I also have a raft 
of lenses for it.  I have shot the coil with my 4X5 speed graphics as 
well.  The key is to never use the automatic function as on the modern 
cameras.  You must shoot on bulb and with manual shutter and iris.

I use a mild wide angle lens of about 35mm.  The Plus X film is exposed 
in ranges from 4 seconds to 30 seconds. (less reciprocity failure in B&W 
than color)  I use f4-f5.6 on the iris.  I use a tiny tensor lamp 20 feet 
back for fill light as needed.  I develop in microdol X straight up 
without dilution.

Being from down under, you may have access to the Ilford films.  They are 
excellent resolvers too.  use the Plus X ASA equivalent in their line. 
-Pan F-?! (the name eludes me at the moment).

Thanks for the Kudos on the book and contained photos.  It is temporarily 
out of print.  I was going to do a third printing, but I think I'll 
update it to a second edition.  This will take a while though.

Richard Hull, TCBOR