Re: EMF Problems?

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> Subject: EMF Problems?
> To All,
> My cousin, who recently has gone through bone marrow transplant for blood
> cancer, was asking me if being in an intence rf field around large Tesla
> coils
> could cause any harm?  I said that I never even thought about it. I am not
> refering to XRAY or light emissions. Does anyone out there know about the
> effects of RF fields and the human body?
> Kevin M. Conkey


Dave Sharpe, our group's safety guy, latched onto an industrial safety 
spec for workers associated with RF environments.  The spec stated that 
for 8 hours/day the field level must be below 10kv/meter between 1-10mhz. 
 No spec was issued for lower freqs.  The average large Tesla coil 
(nemesis) can produce millions of volts per meter out to ranges of 10-20 
feet!  The exposure is short and the frequency low.  This short 
exposure coupled with lower frequency, reduces the problems of high field 
intensity considerably.  A table top coil is in the range of 10KV/meter 
out to 6 feet.  Again, no one runs their stuff 8 hours a day every work 

The word is sort of in on power lines and ELF!  It seems that the 
original studies which tended to indicate some possible problems with 
large ELF fields (Swiss-Finnish) were grossly flawed and there now 
appears to be no problem associated with large low frequency fields.  Its 
the frequency that gets you!

Richard Hull, TCBOR