Re: self-C comments

> Hello All,
>         Richard Craven said:
> <big snip>>
> >Bearing in mind erudite comments from Richard Hull (basically all the 
> >strays due to buildings floors and the like), has anyone any comments on

> >conical constructions? I am not planning on building one, but it is an 
> >area of some interest.
> <another big snip of interesting text>
>         I have not built a conical coil, but have looked at it
> mathematically.  I would expect it to be rather disappointing as a
> conventional tesla coil.  The large conical base is where most of the
> inductance of the coil is (and most of the wire length), and, as a
> Regards,
> Mark S. Rzeszotarski, Ph.D.

What if the cone is inverted?