Re: TC primary wiring

[jumbo snip]
>A pole pig can easily blow up a coiler, however.  These items are very 
>dangerous and it worries me mightily that many rank novices are trying to 
>acquire these things. 
>Richard Hull, TCBOR

[another snip]
>I have just aquired a pole pig, and the thing scares me.  So does my small
>coil powered by two neon transformers.   I believe that a belt from a fully
>charged cap could be fatal.
>D. Gowin

I think it's important to develop a _very_ healthy respect for the dangers
involved in coiling.  Pigs and neons aside, just messing around with 110/220
can be pretty lethal if a person doesn't know what he's doing.  My guess is
that driving a car is probably more dangerous though.  Consider what a slight
mistake can do to you at 65mph, not to mention the drunk drivers etc. on the
highways.  Hmmm...not sure I really want to drive anymore! :)  Seriously
though, it is when we are truly conscious of the dangers of an activity that we
are most alert and least likely to make costly mistakes.  A little fear is
good, complacency leads to accidents.

>But I can say it was'nt easy to get the
>pig I have now and the cost was pretty high. 
>D. Gowin

They are actually cheap and easy to get from companies like T&R and Solomon. 
One of mine was under $200.  Hence the temptation and potential danger of
rushing into buying one.

Charles Brush