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> Richard:
>         How about sharing the results of your experiments with the
> electrometer?
> Ed Phillips

Ed, All,

The results will be forthcoming on a formal taped report and paper to 
either TCBA News or ESJ.  There is now a school of thought which suggests 
an explosive electric wave within gases as electric discharges occur. 
(see book by Lagarov, "Ionizastion waves in electrical breakdown of 
gases" $59.00 ouch! ).  This wave is a pure potential wave (scalar if you 
will).  I have amazing evidence that this might just be true.  The 
Electrometer is uniquely positioned for doing this work (they cost 
thousands- got mine for $10.00 at a hamfest- very rare).  The typical 
specs are an input impedance of a teraohm or more and 22pf input 
capacitance.  A scope , even the finset, is trash at following up on this 
line of investigation.  Scopes look like a dead short at only 10 megohm 
input Z.  What is needed is a DC only instrument!  The RF must be 
ignored! It is still there, of course.

I have just recently sent out a single ping only from a resonant system
 ( under 15 watts) and recorded a negative dc potential level (NOT A 
PULSE!!!) deposited on a 12" ball at a distance of 10 feet.  The volatge 
stored on the ball was on the order of 4 volts.  The columbic charge was 
~ 10^-9!  That's a net figure of ~10^8 or more electrons!  This voltage 
is stored DC and must be discharged from the ball.   Ions?  Not likely.  
Life span of the classic ion is too short (milliseconds at most) and the 
mean free path too short for a virtually instananeous pulse to pile up 
that charge.  There was no normal ion cloud build up time either as with 
a coil just running.

Another interesting possiblity is Rydberg atoms (see Scientific American, 
May 1981 pp 130-149.

This stuff is really cookin' now!  The RF has so beguiled us for 100 
years that the old electrostatics of pulsed systems just were not looked 
at!!  It appears no rectification is taking place at all!  DC and AC are 
the same and are mutually interchangable in a number of scenarios.  If 
you militate for the word "rectification" for DC from AC then fine, but 
then rectification from DC to AC is also the "glove turned inside out".  
Traditionally, pulsing commutating or doing non-linear stuff to DC made 
AC.  AC can produce DC by a vast number of pulsed schemes, too!  This is 
just one of them.

I am very involved with this just now. This thread is intriguing, but I 
don't know if Chip appreciates it or not.

Richard Hull, TCBOR