Re: Maximum toroids on 1/4 wave coils

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> Subject: Maximum toroids on 1/4 wave coils
> Greetings,
> I was wondering about the limit of toroid sizes on 1/4 wave coils.
> I am under the impression that for magnifiers toroid sizes can be
> monstrous, but does this hold for 1/4 wave coils too?
> Chip


The sky is the limit on both systems!!  It is only your ablitiy to supply 
enough energy for breakout that limits the size.  The maggey does better 
with large toroids only because there is no primary to slap.  A 15" tall 
6" diameter resonator can be mounted on a telephone pole and a 50 foot 
diameter toroid could be used to good advantage.  With a primary on a two 
coil system, your arcs can get so long that they just hit the primary 

Richard Hull, TCBOR